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*Alpha Silverbac is equipped with Alpha Smoke Dual Controller*

 Grilla Grills' Alpha Silverbac has dual controller technology that brings the smoke whether you’re doing a twelve-hour smoke or quickly grilling up a couple of burgers. With a surface area large enough to grill eight whole chickens, you have enough space to feed a small army. The Alpha is durable enough to cook for an army, too, with a heavy-duty hinged stainless-steel lid, ample work surfaces, convenient storage, automatic wood pellet feed and Set ‘n Forget digital controls. The Alpha differs from our other Silverbac models due to its one-of-a-kind dual “Alpha Smoke” controller technology that lets you select PID mode or Grilla’s traditional-style mode. Even with this amazing new feature, the Silverbac Alpha pellet grill comes with all of the features you’ve come to love with the Silverbac like the thermal metal jacket, autostart feature, EZ glide wheels, and rugged powder-coat finish. 

Alpha Silverbac Pellet Grill Features

Heating Technology

The Silverbac has all the technology you need to make grilling a breeze. From the auto ignition to the Set ‘n Forget Digital Control System, the Silverbac is designed to make you cook like a pro with no hassles. The Alpha Smoke technology offers you the option to cook in Grilla’s traditional mode to maximize the smoke, or using the PID mode which will allow you to maintain an incredibly steady temperature throughout your cook. With the Silverbac Alpha, the choice is yours!

The Alpha can cook at temperatures between 180 and 500 degrees in 5-degree increments. The included meat probe and digital control system let you keep close tabs on the grill temperature as well as the temperature of your meat. The blower fan not only enables even, convection cooking, it also helps you avoid any flare-ups that can ruin your cook. All of the Alpha’s components are made of high-quality materials, including the burn grate and firepot which are both made of stainless steel.

Safety Features

The Silverbac Alpha is built for performance and safety, with shutdown settings that turn the grill off if the temperature exceeds 615°F. When this temperature is reached, shutdown is initiated, and an error message will be displayed. On the other end of the spectrum, if the Alpha drops below 110°F, shutdown is initiated, and an error message will be displayed.

A Rugged Exterior Built for the Elements

The Silverbac Alpha is every bit as rugged as our other Silverbac models with stainless steel construction and a powder coat finish that’s designed to last you through season after season. The Silverbac Alpha’s seams are welded, powder coated and caulked for triple redundant weather protection. A thermal metal jacket helps the grill maintain temperature, along with the sturdy stainless-steel lid. While the Alpha is rugged, it’s also highly functional, as it includes a well-constructed storage space that helps keep your accessories protected from the elements. We also made sure the pivot casters were built to allow you to move your Alpha easily. The Silverbac Alpha is built so well you can grill year round no matter how cold it gets outside!

The Silverbac Alpha Has Cooking Area to Spare

The Silverbac Alpha’s dimensions give you every opportunity to cook for a crowd:

  • Main Cooking Area: 26×19.5=507″
  • Upper Cooking Area: 7×26.5=185″
  • Total Cooking Area: 692″
  • Grill grates made from ¼-inch stainless steel rod
  • Removable top grate
  • Insulated cooking chamber

The Silverbac Alpha’s overall dimensions are as follows:

  • Height: 51 in.
  • Width: 47 in.
  • Depth: 22 in.
  • Weight: 170 lbs

Power Requirements

  • The Silverbac Alpha is powered by a standard household three-prong outlet: 120 Volt 50/60hz.
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